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Personalized Hairline

Every part of the hair transplant operation is a process that requires serious experience and knowledge.

The most important point in hair transplantation is that the front hairline looks natural and is sufficiently frequent. The hair transplant specialist, who will create the front hairline, must reveal his talent and art. Many factors should be considered when planning the hair front line. The main ones are;

  • Expectation and desire of the person who will have a hair transplant
  • Age of the person who will have a hair transplant
  • Hair span of the person who will have a hair transplant
  • Number of hair follicles in the donor (donor) area of ​​the nape of the person who will have hair transplantation
  • Person’s mindset

Grafts containing one or two hair strands should be used as much as possible when performing hair transplantation in the area where the front hairline is determined. This is essential for achieving a natural look.

How to determine the front hairline?

Different methods are used to determine the hair front line. The most common method is the measurement method. Since everyone’s anatomical shape is different, there is no standard size that can be applied to every person. For this reason, a personal hairline must be determined. Thus, a natural appearance will be provided.

A 7 cm area measured from between the eyebrows to the end of the scalp can be accepted as the beginning of the hairline in the midline. This measure can be increased even more in people with insufficient number of hair follicles and very large openings. For those who are less than 7 cm, the existing hair is taken as a reference. It is determined in the necessary areas in the temple area, and a slightly V-shaped or more rounded front hairline is determined.

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